Training Programs

Marathon Training Plans

Carmel Runners provides spring and fall half and full marathon training programs free, as part of your membership.  Our training programs are the perfect option for those looking to run and/or walk a full or half marathon.  Get ready for your next race with Carmel Runners club!

2024 Fall Training

5K Training Plans

Along with our normal Half and Full Marathon training programs, we offer two 5K programs.  Not scheduled to a specific race, these plans can be used by runners at any time to prep for their next 5k!

Our CRC 5K Training Plan is is designed for new runners looking to complete their first 5K or improve their times. The Rachel Michelle Running Advanced Training Plan is designed for competitive 5K runners looking to boost their performance.  This plan is available exclusively to CRC members.  Look for a link in your weekly newsletter.

  Rachel Michelle Running Advanced 5K Training Plan