About Us

Run. Walk. Be Social.

Welcome to the Carmel Runners Club

Founded on a shared passion for running and community spirit, the Carmel Runners Club (CRC) is more than just a running group; it’s a vibrant community where every step counts. Established in partnership with the Carmel Marathon and Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation at the Monon Community Center, CRC emerged as a beacon for running enthusiasts in Hamilton County at a time when local support for runners was sparse.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, CRC is dedicated to fostering a culture of health and camaraderie in Carmel, Indiana, and its surrounding areas. Our origins trace back to a simple yet impactful training program for the Carmel Full and Half Marathons in 2011, which ignited a local movement of running aficionados and community members eager to lace up and hit the pavement together.

Our Mission

At the heart of CRC is the belief that running and walking are transformative activities that everyone should enjoy, regardless of pace, experience, or fitness goals. We are committed to creating a fun, welcoming, and supportive environment that celebrates the joy of movement and the power of community.

What We Offer

CRC brings together runners and walkers of all ages through a variety of activities and initiatives:

  • Group Runs/Walks: Join us for our weekly group outings, designed for every pace and age group, where camaraderie and encouragement are always in stride.
  • Training Programs: Targeting longer distance races in both spring and fall, our training programs offer structured guidance, including optional distances and routes, to help you reach your personal best.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Led by experts, our workshops aim to enhance your running technique, health, and overall well-being.
  • Community and Social Events: From pre and post-race gatherings to regular socials, CRC emphasizes the importance of social connections, encouraging family involvement to welcome not just runners and walkers, but everyone.
  • Partnerships and Discounts: We strategically ally with local businesses to offer our members exclusive discounts on running-related goods and services.
  • Volunteerism and Philanthropy: Giving back is a cornerstone of our club. Our members actively volunteer in various events, and through partnerships with business sponsors, we proudly offer annual scholarships to local high school seniors impacted positively by running.

Join Us

Whether you’re an avid runner, a casual walker, or someone looking to engage in a lively, health-conscious community, CRC welcomes you with open arms. Together, we stride towards health, friendship, and making every step count.