Community Impact

Carmel Runners Club believes in stepping up beyond the trail to make meaningful contributions to our community. Our commitment extends far beyond fostering a love for running and walking; it’s about creating lasting, positive change in Hamilton County and beyond. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

College Scholarship

Education is a journey that parallels the perseverance and dedication found in running. Each year, CRC awards scholarships to deserving Hamilton County high school seniors who have demonstrated how running has positively impacted their lives. Having contributed over $30,000 to date, we take pride in our ongoing support to the community via this scholarship initiative. This scholarship aims to support their academic pursuits and celebrate the transformative power of running.

Event Sponsorship

Kids Coats – RibFest 5k Fun Run

CRC proudly sponsors and contributes to the Kids Coats organization, ensuring that every child stays warm through the winter. Our involvement peaks at the annual RibFest event, where community, delicious food, and the spirit of giving come together to support this vital cause.

Learn more about RibFest HERE.

WoofStock 5k

Animals hold a special place in our hearts, and CRC is thrilled to sponsor the Woofstock 5K. This event is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of our furry friends and a crucial fundraiser for the Hamilton County Humane Society, supporting their mission to care for and find homes for animals in need.

Learn more about the Woofstock 5k HERE.

Monon Trail Sponsor

The Monon Trail is not just a path for our runs; it’s a community treasure that we are committed to preserving. CRC has adopted a section of the trail, dedicating time to keep it clean and monitoring for invasive species. Our efforts ensure that this beloved trail remains a safe and beautiful space for everyone to enjoy.

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Join the Carmel Runners Club in our mission to create lasting change in Hamilton County and beyond. Your donation empowers us to continue our work, from nurturing young talents through the CRC College Scholarship to enhancing our community. Together, we can inspire more lives, support more dreams, and build a stronger, healthier community.